Basic knowledge of GO Pro 3 Camera

While you are sitting here reading this book and wanting to just take your camera out and begin using it, there are some basic things that you need to make sure that you are aware of before you use this camera for the first time. Tins will not only avoid any damage to the device, but will ensure that you are getting the most out of the use of this camera. Unlike a lot of cameras that you may have had experience with, the GoPro3 and GoPro 3+ cameras are not like anything that you have ever used. One use of these and you will see for yourself that reading this book is not only advisable, it will be very helpful.


Let’s start with what all your new camera will include. If you have bought your camera new and not from a reseller, then more than likely, your box will include the following items.

  • USB Cord – Use for charging your camera and to load videos onto your PC.
  • Red, Blue, Green TV plugs for a High Definition TV
  • Red, White, Yellow TV7 plugs for your basic Standard Definition TV
  • GO PRO Camera
  • Waterproof Camera Housing
  • Open Back Door (non waterproof, louder sound)
  • Sealed Back door (waterproof, Wind (noise) resistant past loomph)
  • Suction Cup mount
  • Side mount Pivot Arm
  • Quick Release Buckle
  • Vertical-Surface Release Buckle
  • Buckle Lock
  • Adhesive mounts

Now that we have taken stock of everything that is in the box, it’s time that we talk about the camera itself. We will get to the other items later, but we need to cover the actual getting the camera up and going first.

Taking a memory card and inserting it with the label side out as well as the narrow end first, you will want to push it into the memory card slot that is located on the left side of the camera with the lens facing forward. You will want to give gentle pressure until you feel the card pop into place. You don’t want to be too light with this, but you also have to be careful and avoid being too light with this. There will be a few times that you will think the camera will not take the memory card, make sure it is being placed into the camera the right way and in the right direction. Taking this out will be a snap as you give a gentle amount of pressure and soon the card pops up, allowing you to grab the
card and to simply remove it from the camera.

With that done, it is time to place the batteries into the camera and get it ready for the batteries to be charged. It is important to know that this battery will come in the package half charged. While you can use the camera with the battery half charged, it is advised that you charge it all the way to get the most from your device. Connect one end of the charger to the camera and the other end to a power source such as your local computer or a wall outlet if you have the wall charger for your camera. The indicator lights will be on when the camera is in the process of charging and will turn off once the charging has completed.

It is important to know that your camera will naturally come with some default settings that you may want to change down the road. The default settings are as follows.

  • Video Resolution: I440p48fps
  • Photo Resolution: 12 Megapixels
  • Photo Burst: 30 photos per second
  • Time Lapse: 0.5 seconds
  • Wi-Fi is automatically turned off

All of these default settings can generally be changed from the settings menu on the camera. In order to turn it on and off, you will press and hold the mode button. Pressing it and releasing it will turn the camera ion, this will be indicated by the status light and three beeps. Holding the button for two seconds the lights flash several times and then emits a series of seven beeps.

Your camera will come with several different camera modes that you should be accustomed to before you get too far into the use of your camera. These modes are as follows.

  • Video
  • Photo
  • Photo burst
  • Time lapse
  • Playback mode

It is obvious what the video and photo options are all about. The photo burst option allows you to take photos of fast moving objects. This is useful if you are wanting to capture a person that is speeding by you and you don’t want them to appear as a blur on your camera. Time lapse mode will capture video at 0.5, 1,2,5, 10> 3° or 60 second intervals. This is great for posting a series of photos to a social media site or other photo sharing site on the internet.

Compound Bow Hunting Technique

In my case I am completely self-taught in the art of shooting and hunting, all shooting technique I have learned by myself, with cheap compound bow and broken arrows at 10 euros per piece, excluding tips hunting, so all I can teach are some general rules and tricks for hunting that I use, and I have been very useful, with tested over time success, I imagine there will be people qualified to teach the technique immensely more I prepared and which will try to contact all who are interested in another section.

10 Steps to repair your car vacuum cleaner at home

Car vacuums are indispensable appliances for all drivers because they help them save time and effort in cleaning their cars. However, after a long time period of use, your best car vacuum cleaner suddenly decreases its suction power or even stop working. Do you know how to handle? The following article is all you need to fix these problems.

Step 1: Check your car vacuum to determine where the breakdown come from. Maybe because the machine had not been turned on? Suction force is weak or irregular? Hose is entangled fluff or debris? Breaker is isconnected? During the operation, does it have any strange smell or noise?

Step 1

Step 2: Verify that your vacuum cleaner has been powered on. You should use a mini multimeter to test the electrical circuits. But if you don’t have any instrument like that, a bulb or a radio can be used as the alternatives. Remember that no electricity means no operation from your vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning your house tips

7 tips to clean the joints
How to clean the joints of the bathroom or tile?
Your joints in the bathroom are black or moldy? To avoid this problem and whiten joints, discover these 7 tips.
Mix the Meudon white with a little water. Apply on the joints of the bathroom and leave for 1 hour. Then scrub with an old toothbrush.
The claystone
You can also effectively clean the joints with a white claystone. Simply wet the sponge and soak the clay and rub the joints. Rinse with clean water.
Washing soda
Equip yourself with an old toothbrush. Then mix 125 g of soda with 60 cl of hot water and clean the joints with this solution. Caution, do not forget to wear gloves and goggles when handling the washing soda.

Baking soda

Mix 4 tbsp. Tablespoons of baking soda technical with 10 cl of white vinegar in a spray bottle. Please note that foam! Spray the cleaner on the joints and leave for 24 hours, scrub and rinse.
The sodium percarbonate
Dilute a measure of sodium percarbonate with 10 parts water or 1/10 share. Apply tile joints. Leave on for at least 1 hour, and then scrub with an old toothbrush. Rinse thoroughly.

Plantar fasciitis treatment

Plantar fasciitis is an injury that inflammation and irritation of your plantar fascia, the connective tissue that runs along the bottom of your foot goes. Ill-fitting shoes can result in additional load on your fascia, like the ones that miss cushioning in the heel and forefoot. There are many kinds of treatment for this pain. Today, I will introduce you the most common treatment.

Shoes for the treatment of plantar fasciitis
Plantar fasciitis is a painful foot injury treatments as required to wear protective shoes. This injury is most common among runners. Choose the type of shoes for plantar fasciitis 2016 that will protect your heel from further damage.

When it comes to choosing shoes for the treatment of plantar fasciitis, looking for a pair that fits you well and those that provide sufficient amount of structural support around your arch and mid-foot. There are many shoes brought specially made for plantar fasciitis. These shoes have developed a method in his only heal and fight the onset of plantar fasciitis.
Shoe Push-Up Test
According to Dr. Stephen Pribut, a podiatric medical care specialist, you can boot push-up test if your shoe bends to determine where it should be – on the ball of the foot. Keep the heel of your shoe upright in one hand and push up his leg underneath. The shoe should bend the ball of the shoe. If you turn too far back shoe on the foot, it is incorrect and should be replaced.

Advices for start cycling


Why switch to cycling?

Cycling is source of many advantages compared to other means of transport (walk, car, public transport)
The bike is fast: contrary to popular belief, the bicycle is an extremely fast means of transport. In fact, it’s even faster on routes between 300m and 6km in front of the car.
Cycling is good for the wallet: Did you know that the car is currently the second largest expenditure of households, behind housing? With budgets that reach several hundred Euros per month, the car is expensive. Besides that, a bike hardly costs anything, as long as you invest in the right equipment.

So it would not tell you to save € 500 per month?

Cycling is good for health: You do not have time to jog? No problem! Travelling by bike is ensuring an iron. Cycling reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, obesity and hypertension, and increases life expectancy.
The bike is green: If there are some who are a little concerned about the future of their children, this should interest them. A car, it stinks and pollutes.
A bike rejects how much CO2 per km? 0! For cleaner air, so go biking!

How to cycle properly?

In this article, the first principle is not to be too greedy. The error would, for example, to want to do the first output of a hundred kilometers without preparation. You would experience the greatest difficulty in the end and that would lead to the inevitable muscle aches, cramps or other aches effort. Instead, set yourself a more modest goal.