I’m so glad that you have visited my website and even want to know more about me – the guy behind this blog. Let me introduce myself!

My name is BarbaraJ.Dalton and I was born in Daslat I am now a blogger and you can see, this is my whole world. Even though I am still learning and improving my skills in writing a lot, I’d love seeing my experience and thoughts seen by everyone. Right since I was in high school, I really loved writing and sharing. At the first time, it was very simple that I just put my thoughts as well as feeling about everything I had met in black and white. But sooner and sooner, the desire to share them with the others was bigger for me and it ended up to the decision of setting up this blog. In additionally, I do hope this is where all of us can share to each other about what we have experienced in our life, small to big, simple to complicate.

However, if you want to share something privately, please feel free to send me an email. It is my honor really and I promise I will read and respond all.

Above is something about me, how about you? Share yours to me because I want to know about you also.