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7 tips to clean the joints
How to clean the joints of the bathroom or tile?
Your joints in the bathroom are black or moldy? To avoid this problem and whiten joints, discover these 7 tips.
Mix the Meudon white with a little water. Apply on the joints of the bathroom and leave for 1 hour. Then scrub with an old toothbrush.
The claystone
You can also effectively clean the joints with a white claystone. Simply wet the sponge and soak the clay and rub the joints. Rinse with clean water.
Washing soda
Equip yourself with an old toothbrush. Then mix 125 g of soda with 60 cl of hot water and clean the joints with this solution. Caution, do not forget to wear gloves and goggles when handling the washing soda.

Baking soda

Mix 4 tbsp. Tablespoons of baking soda technical with 10 cl of white vinegar in a spray bottle. Please note that foam! Spray the cleaner on the joints and leave for 24 hours, scrub and rinse.
The sodium percarbonate
Dilute a measure of sodium percarbonate with 10 parts water or 1/10 share. Apply tile joints. Leave on for at least 1 hour, and then scrub with an old toothbrush. Rinse thoroughly.

White vinegar
Mix in a bowl 1 c. Liquid soup dishes with a large glass of white vinegar. Soak an old toothbrush in this mixture and rub your joints bathroom.
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Salted lemon

Dip half a lemon in salt and rub your joints directly bathroom. Let act and rinse with clear water.
The advice
Where a white claystone? One can buy a claystone in health food shops, hardware stores and on the internet.
5 tips to clean windows
How to clean the windows of your house?
It is possible to clean the windows of your home with natural and economic solutions! No need for chemicals to wash the windows. Check out these 5 tips to clean your tiles and remove traces on the glass.

Dissolve half a glass of Marseille soap flakes in a glass of boiling water. Throw 250g whiting. Apply your mixture with a cloth and then rub your windows. Finally, you can polish with a chamois.
White vinegar
Cleaner spray bottle 1 liter: Mix 750 ml of warm water with 250 ml of white vinegar. This natural cleanser is perfect for cleaning windows. Moreover, the smell of vinegar will repel spiders and flies in your home!
In a spray bottle, mix lemon juice with warm water. Put a newspaper paper ball and soak it in this mixture and rub your windows. Beautiful results!
The dishwashing liquid
It is possible to clean your windows with dish soap diluted with warm water and a little white vinegar. End the cleaning by rinsing your windows with plain water.
To eliminate and prevent fogging of the glass, pour a few drops of glycerin on old nylon tights and rub the windows. With this trick, the dust will not fix on the windows and the fog either!
The advice
Recommended equipment to clean windows: A chamois leather, a microfiber cloth, newspaper and a squeegee.
Do not clean your windows in direct sunlight; you will avoid having traces on the glass.

Disinfectant to clean toilets

Discover this household recipe for a lemon disinfectant. This cleaner removes bacteria on the toilet seat, descaling and cleaning the toilets, leaving a pleasant smell of lemon!
Our Tip
Pour white vinegar into a spray bottle using a funnel.
Add some warm water and lemon essential oil.
Close your spray bottle; shake it well to dilute the whole.
Use the toilet disinfectant to clean the entire surface of your toilet. Shake the bottle before each use.
1/2 liter of white vinegar
1/2 liter of water
17 drops of lemon essential oil
A vaporizer
A funnel
The advice
Remember to label your disinfectant.
Always store your cleaning products out of reach of children.

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