Compound Bow Hunting Technique

In my case I am completely self-taught in the art of shooting and hunting, all shooting technique I have learned by myself, with the best compound bow and broken arrows at 10 euros per piece, excluding tips hunting, so all I can teach are some general rules and tricks for hunting that I use, and I have been very useful, with tested over time success, I imagine there will be people qualified to teach the technique immensely more I prepared and which will try to contact all who are interested in another section.

The arc power

For hunting like the more discussed caliber rifle, I am of the opinion that not caliber, it is always better and is much more important shooting accuracy that caliber, at least for the species in our country but the power of bow hunting in my opinion should be at least 50- 60 pounds, Vedas order of June 14, 2007, in Valencia says that for most hunting bows must be at least 45 lbs (20, 25kg) power and small game for 13 pounds (13.59 kg.).


In this sense again everyone has their ideas, mine are that it is not necessary to stalking an animal or make a waiting or standing mountain, have these camouflage suits so sophisticated with activated carbon for odors selling stores fashion, surely go well but it is much more important for me to have the tailwind ‘whenever possible’ and if you do not, forget the stalking or still await a good camouflage suit.

Any clothing is worn brown or neutral colors, always making sure that very much is not noisy materials can be useful to us. It is crucial in the guards however, and this gives him the experience to know how many clothes we must carry ensuring be hot especially the head and feet after being several hours sitting on the mountain, position, chair or seat, and the wind will surely be the main factors in the success of the hunt. If you have a cold or are uncomfortable not enjoy hunting and will not last long enough to succeed.



Trigger fingers or loose? For those unfamiliar with the subject, the trigger is a contraption which there are different models that are fastened with Velcro or are taken directly by hand and having a mechanical clamp that holds the bowstring, with a kind of trigger as firearm, cleanly release the bowstring at the right time, help open the bow and loose is impeccable without detours cross arrow when deference to release the fingers. I have chosen to end shooting trigger and recommend it to all fans, I left the loose fingers, I think it’s easier with the trigger in arcs high powers and yet the number of things is reduced they can go wrong when shooting, as well you know the trigger avoid the famous paradox of the goalkeeper.


Odorous claims give a good result, and focus the wants of animals on a particular site, that if, if the area is hunting nearby, if not, these systems are not miracle workers there who think they can attract hunting away in areas where there are no animals, and I have found that is not so miraculous, I have also seen deer and wild boars as they reach dry a huge Carrasco based rub with it, having the smell of claim in its trunk.

Bow hunting is a challenge from beginning to end, but like all the difficult things in life satisfaction more than enough are obtained and make you forget time and work which in turn also the most often performed in our environment favorite: the field and also, in turn, it is enjoyed and hunt in some way. To make a successful launch of bowhunting in an open farm that is the only site that can be called truly a game and that is where I usually hunt is essential three things and without them, it is impossible to have repeated success.


First, you must know the nature, habits of the animals found in the area and be observant wildlife in general and customs of each particular habitat which aims to hunt both day and night. It should be a practical and impeccable mastery of archery bow with repetitive success until boredom in target shooting with all kinds of white, three-dimensional from heights, distances, and different planes, treestands, and others. One of the highest in the bowhunting and I follow to the letter, is not to throw if you’re not 110 percent sure of success, and you feel the safe shot.

The third point is to track the movements of animals in the area, and the crossing points memos.Otra complication at least in the big game is that most of the sets are made in hours of low light or night with complications that supposed to aim with guarantees.

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