Keeping Body Shap – Why Dont You Cycling

Retain body fit and healthy is what people often desire and willing to pay time, money and effort for it. However, there are many ways for people to keep fit and how to make your body look nice is the question might confuse many people.

Cycling is a good way to decline weight, for the beginner, if you want a bike that suit for the commuting and recreational purpose. The hybrid bikes might become a wise choice for anyone who has just jump with the ideas cycling for losing few pounds.

keeping bod in shape

The solution for your time problem

If you time is so valuable that you can not spare even just a second or you are always lack of time. Cycling might be the best answer as you might do the exercise why you are moving. You might reduce weight while moving from home or workplace.

And sometimes you will have some more few minutes as you are not stuck in the traffic jam or missing the bus. So do not you waste your time for cycling, it actually can be a good way to avoid being late for work and give you a little time to prepare before working.

solution for your time problem

If you feel like you need more freedom, might be you will want to ride the bike instead of using a car or stuck in the bus. The crowded bus might drive you crazy – hot and unbreathable and so inconvenient.

If you are often using public transport in the rush hour, try a bike as you will not have to endure those problems. Instead of being trapped in the crowd, you can free yourself by cycling. By doing that, you will have enough fresh air to energize yourself.

You will not procrastinate it

Not like going to the gym or running, you will not feel lazy and turn down your exercise schedule. Cycling gives you the exhilarating experience that does not let you have the boring feelings or being fed up with the cycling.

While riding, you have already had your reward, the fast wind, and the quick ride. Also, when riding you can see the sight of the street, the buildings, and that is so appealing that you can not quit this type of exercise. Consequently, you will have a fit body.

Even though you do not want to do the exercise, you still have to commute, go to workplace. That is inevitable, as you can not avoid traveling, you can not stay at home for the whole day. It forces you to do exercise, and before you realize, you have already lost many pounds.

Easier for your leg and feet muscles, bone structure

Compare to go jogging or running; cycling is absolutely better for your muscles and bone structure. For one who has the problems with knees and ankles, this is important. It is a way to lower the risk of injury can come to you.

Because when you are cycling, your leg muscles still work as you have to pump the pedal. However, the knee and ankles do not have to suffer the pressure on the bone structure. As well for the muscles, if your body is overweight, cycling is obviously the better way for you to lose your weight.


Another thing is that when you are riding a bike, you release the power more stable. Both of your legs just go up and downs, that make your body do not have to endure the strong impact. Though in the different terrain, you do not suffer too much like running.

But you can really count on riding as there is a research done by the multistrategy that the relaxing bike riding burns more calories than an easy walk. In the case you want to challenge yourself more, choose the hill road for your journey. Doing it will burn your extra calories and make you look nice.

Make your mind sharp

There is a thing you might not know that cycling can increase your brain power. The study from the University has shown that pedaling can support the brain to create new brain cells in the hippocampus. It is the area for the brain to store the memories which will decline when people over the age of 30.

Just like the other type of exercise, riding allow your body to have more oxygen as when doing exercises, your body need a deep breath to take enough oxygen for the muscle. As a result, your mind will have the benefits too by the extra oxygen when you cycle.

Improve your physical health

You can strengthen your immune system so why don’t you do it. Moderate regular exercise will train your immune cells more active. That reason why you will not catch a cold too often since the immune cells are always ready to fight off infection.

Regular cycling can decrease your potential risk for your heart. If you can ride for the distance of 20 miles per week, you will reduce your risk less than a half of the one who does not take exercise. Prevent fatal heart disease is easier than everybody can image!

Reduce pollution

Using a bike, it will not release gas pollution to the environment. The engine of the car needs a lot of fossil fuel to make it work. When burning the fuel, it will release a lot of gas and cause the harm for your health as well for the environment.

reduce pollution

Replace the car by bikes reduce the pollution which causes much desire for your body. This will make you surprise, but the cyclist often has more fresh air. Because they do not contact directly with the gas it leads to that they inhale less wasted fumes from a car engine.

Whether you exceedingly desire to keep fit or not that much, cycling still gives you many benefits. It is so amazing for anyone wants a healthy mind and body. Want the versatile bicycle? The hybrid bikes will help you with that; then you can keep fit while commuting, or riding for relaxation.

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