Woodworking Power Tools Highlight

Talking about woodworking power tools is talking about the craft of carpentry. To become a carpenter takes years of work and training and to know what are the tools more efficient electrical carpentry is necessary to test, evaluate technical data and its duty cycles, the specialty of each company in different types of tools and work environments of each tool, for example, is log splitters.

Not easy test to leave us completely satisfied, ie, if a team is devoted to validating these features perhaps would lead to the conclusion that certain brands tools achieve higher performance than others, however, the opinion professionals who have spent years working with them are the perfect complement to create together a more realistic notion and a professional and honest approach to a variety of electrical carpentry tools with which we as science progresses.

Those who have started in the world of DIY, or like to do carpentry work in their spare time and even professionals can not just select electric woodworking tools they need to do the job you have in mind. Some more power woodworking tools are better for certain types of work, while others just require some manual woodworking few tools.

The types of more power woodworking tools and function

When you start working with wood soon, discover that you need to perform different kinds of work on this and that the need for more specialized tools increases the difficulty of the project, i.e., means for preparing wood increases, perforating, cutting, shaping and finishing you are looking for.

Woodworking tools cutting

Miter saws

Miter saws have been specially designed for woodworking requiring cuts make a perfect 45-degree angle, so that the cut pieces can come together and make corners like your furniture make when installing moldings. Saws miter saws Bosch brand, are considered the elite regarding power and precision cutting, followed by miter saws Dewalt, Makita, and Milwaukee.

Jig Saw

A jig saw is a tool electric woodworking designed for making cuts and different directions, both up and down) and some movements of the pendulum type or up and down but with a forward motion to quickly perform straight or curved cuts on almost any kind of surface. It is widely used to cut metal and plastic timber tool.

Sierra sable

The saber saw is a power tool for carpentry and other uses as well as wood, can cut metals, plastics, brick, for example. It is much like a handsaw for its many uses, however, a saber saw can make cuts with greater precision and accuracy, have a heavy duty motor wrapped in an aluminum housing for durability, a system of changing leaves easy to use a special coating for better grip tool firmly and comfort, and some models have variable speed trigger for increased speed control, which varies according to the material on which you want to work.


Woodworking tools for carving finished or holes


To remove sharp edges ea wood, rough patches and chips were invented Sanders, so the sandpaper that we all know and sanding blocks are recommended for works of small carpentry and instead use an automatic sander that allows progress faster and less wear whittling. sanders

These sanders can use sandpaper group different according to the type of work. There are belt sanders, eccentric sanders, orbital and angle, each designed for different kinds work.


Wooden brushes are the tools that allow lower electrical carpentry wood and smooth it out, drawing very thin sheets of this with each pass. There are different types of brushes carpenter who serve different uses, but specifically the electric toothbrush has a blade holder rotating rapidly, which coupled with its “parallel guide” helps to slots and a side guide slope that allows bezels (edges are cut obliquely -at bispecific and not at right angles. Some models are equipped with a chip bag and a suction tube as Sanders.


Milling or Routers

Finally, milling machines or routers can perform various works on wood. The variety of uses of this allows easy finish carpenters perform work. Generally, routers are used to create together or dovetail and carve intricate designs into the wood. Currently, finishing work finishing and cutting wood with hand tools milling machines allow to accelerate the process and do more precise sculptural works.

Milling tools are lighter and versatile electrical carpentry there, as they have many accessories also allow circular cuts to make holes in the center of the wood.

Among this range of woodworking tools you can not forget the drills, although they are a tool that is not exclusively for carpentry work, it is essential in the world of construction professionals.

If you want to know more about drills, we recommend reading the article: The types of holes that exist and their primary functions.

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